TTC Tag – About me

I feel like I want to be involved in this, it helps to get to know you all better when I read yours, so here goes…….

1. How long have you been TTC?

Since February 2013

2. How many kids do you have/want?

I would be happy with just one, but I would if possible like 2

3. How old are you and your husband?

I’m 24 and Hubby is 28

4. How long have you been married?

7months – but been together 9 years (childhood sweethearts <3)

5. What are some crazy things you do while TTC?

Buy lots of new underwear and lots of HPT’s & Ovulation tests lol

6. Does your husband know all about TTC?

Yes, sometimes he goes “lets BD (baby dance)” hahaha

7. Have you been diagnosed with any kind of infertility?


8. What keeps you busy during the 2WW?

Honestly, in the year i’ve been trying I’ve had 2 maybe 3 periods so I don’t really focus on the 2ww

9. What day do you usually ovulate?

No bloody clue, wish my ovaries would sort themselves out, I mean 6 months really?

10. What gender are you hoping for?

I would be happy with either 🙂

11. How many pregnancy books do you have?

One. About TTC.

12. How many HPTs do you take in a cycle?

As I’ve had seen AF in a while, I take one every 3 weeks to be sure. Get let down every time!

13. What are some stress relievers you use during TTC?

Hubby always manages to make me less stressed, someway or another

14. What themes or designs do you like for a nursery?

For a boy – zoo theme
For a girl – birds, owls or teddy bears.

15. Do you plan to do pregnancy blogs if you conceive?


16. Do you have a birth plan?

As much pain relief as possible, I hate pain haha

Does anyone feel like they are reading a bio of themselves? I read a few peoples and think “I feel like she’s me”
Anyhow, love all you ladies.
Sending baby dust your way xxxxx


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